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Almost 50 % of U.S. grownups Say Dating Has Gotten Harder for many people within the last ten years

Almost 50 % of U.S. grownups Say Dating Has Gotten Harder for many people within the last ten years

Comparing Urban Core, Suburban Counties into the U.S.

Numerous Ebony, Asian Us Americans Report Experiencing Discrimination Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

A Century After ladies Gained the best To Vote, most of People in america See Perform To Do on Gender Equality

Majorities Across Racial and Ethnic Groups Express help for the Ebony Lives Matter motion

Magazines May 14, 2020

Everything We Learn About Gen Z Thus Far

Reports Apr 21, 2020

Approximately half of Lower-Income People In America Report Domestic Job, Wage Loss Considering COVID-19

Many Us Americans Say Coronavirus Outbreak Has Affected Their Life

Exactly Exactly How Millennials Approach Family Life

Reports Nov 6, 2019

Wedding and Cohabitation into the U.S.

Reports Apr 30, 2020

Internationally Optimism About Future of Gender Equality, also as many advantages that are see Men

Reality Tank Mar 30, 2020

Calculating the emotional ramifications of COVID-19

Multi-section Reports Oct 23, 2019

Majority State Parents Do An Excessive Amount Of for his or her Young Adult Kids

Interactive: Who shares your views on battle?

Personal Styles Jul 10, 2019

Trump Draws Stronger help From Veterans versus Through the Public on Leadership of U.S. Military

Personal Styles Apr 9, 2019

Views on Race in the us 2019

Information into the Figures

  • Sep 4, 2020 a lot of adults when you look at the U.S. reside with their moms and dads for the time that is first the Great anxiety
  • Aug 27, 2020 More Us americans state they’ve been frequently using masks in shops along with other companies
  • Aug 20, 2020 takeaways that are key Americans’ views of and experiences with dating and relationships
  • Aug 18, 2020 Key findings about multiracial identification within the U.S. as Harris becomes vice presidential nominee
  • Aug 18, 2020 women and men into the U.S. continue steadily to vary in voter turnout price, celebration recognition
  • More through the known Fact Tank
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Interactives Jul 24, 2018

Strong guys, Caring females

Interactives Sep 6, 2018

Will you be into the middle class that is american?

Interactives Dec 5, 2017

How can your views on sex compare with those of other Us americans?

Interactives Mar 17, 2017

The information on Women Leaders

Interactives Jan 11, 2017

Interactive: What do police think?

Interactives Jun 24, 2016

Exactly just How blacks and whites see the state of competition in the us

Interactives Jun 11, 2015

Voices of Multiracial People In The Us

Millennials & Adults

Websites Might 5, 2017

More young grownups are residing in the home, and for much much longer

Websites Apr 19, 2017

Millennials do not switch jobs any longer than Gen-X’ers did

Websites Jan 3, 2017

A lot more than a million Millennials are getting to be mothers each year

Gender, Work & Family

Multi-section Reports Dec 5, 2017

On Gender Variations, No Consensus on Nature luxy vs. Nurture

Multi-section Reports Oct 18, 2017

Wide Partisan Gaps in U.S. Over How Long the Country Has Come on Gender Equality

Multi-section Reports Nov 4, 2015

Raising Kids, Running a family group: How Working Parents Share force

Signature Reports

Multi-section Reports Dec 5, 2017

On Gender Differences, No Consensus on Nature vs. Nurture

Multi-section Reports Jan 11, 2017

Behind the Badge

Multi-section Reports Dec 17, 2015

Parenting in the usa

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